PointRank Video SEO Software

Vendor: Tom Yevsikof, Gaurab Borah, & Yogesh Agarwal
Product: PointRank
Price: $37 – $47
Niche: Video SEO Software
Official Site: Click Here To Visit The Official PointRank Site

Introducing PointRank Video SEO Software


Never Seen Before Video SEO Software That Generates, Optimizes & Ranks A Video In Just 7 Clicks & 2 min!

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Good day marketers and welcome to my PointRank Review and Bonus,

No traffic = NO BUSINESS!

SEO is tiresome, hard, boring, expensive and it takes forever to to see little traffic and results.

Paid traffic is getting costlier and more competitive every day. It has become harder and harder to drive high quality traffic.

It’s no secret – “videos” gets the highest quality traffic online!

And getting ranked on YouTube is the best way to to get that kind of traffic.

And doing live events or live streams are the best way to get ranked super fast and enjoy all the Free traffic..


But it’s not as easy as it sounds…

Doing live streams everyday is a pain, finding new ideas, new content each day is a lot of work…

Plus not everyone can face the camera live… Right?

So, why not find a solution to automate everything…

Tom, Gaurab and Yogesh built a smart & advanced “LIVE EVENT Automation software” from scratch, and implemented in their business…

… they were shocked with the results they got!


It puts every other Video marketing software to shame…


And now they want to share it with the community to help their fellow marketers and you…

What Is PointRank?


Get Page #1 Rankings In minutes Without Backlinks, Video Creation OR ANY SEO Knowledge.

This All In One Cloud Platform Creates, Optimizes & Ranks Videos For You By Leveraging The Power Of Million Dollar+ Videos!

1st of it’s Kind – AUTOMATE And Schedule Your LIVE EVENTS On YouTube For Month With A Few Clicks and Enjoy FREE & Highly Targeted Traffic Every Single Day!

  • Go LIVE With Pre-Recorded Videos
  • AUTOMATE The Entire Month Of LIVE EVENTS In Few Clicks, Set & Forget (1st VIDEO Software To Do It Ever)
  • Use Same Video/ Or Different Video For Each Live Stream, Unique Technology That Makes Each Video Unique
  • Make Your Videos Stand Out With In-Built Video Revamp Tool and Thumbnail Editor
  • Set Up Once And Enjoy FREE Traffic For Months To Come.

Here’s how it works…

PointRank get you free, highly targeted traffic every day on complete automation in 3 easy steps.


STEP#1 – Enter Your Keyword.

Enter the keyword for which you want to drive traffic to your offer. PointRank then go out and find the top ranking videos for your keyword. It will then extract the Title/Description/Tags of Top Ranked videos for you to select, edit and add your own variation.

STEP#2 – Setup Campaign In 2 Minutes.

Select a single video/videos from our gallery, set up for how many times you want to go LIVE. You can schedule your all your LIVE events for next 1 week or even a month with just few clicks.

Every day, PointRank will check if your video is still ranked at the top and do another LIVE video on Automation and it will keep doing it to keep you ranked at the top. Plus it will post to social media to get your more Free traffic and link juice.

STEP#3 – Sit Back, Enjoy Free Traffic.

Now that you have scheduled everything, all you need to do is sit back and see the high quality and highly targeted traffic rolling in every single day on complete automation and enjoy.

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Fast Action Bonuses For The Fast Action Takers If You Get PointRank Within The Launch Period…



How To Land Local Clients That Pays $500 PER MONTH For Ranking Their Videos On Google with PointRank. This is how you take it to the next level for recurring revenue, because these campaigns can be done in a completely hands-off way once you set it up.

Join us live to discover how to get paid at least $500/mo for less than 30 minutes effort setting up a simple and repeatable system.




Stand-out from crowd. Create and select a template for your Automation campaign and every time any of your video goes LIVE, PointRank will add this template to grow your brand and trust.

Add intros and outros as videos/images, add your own Logo or watermark, add our in-built lower thirds and texts, add your website link.

Now doing this manually for each video takes hours and hours, but you can rebrand any number of videos in just few seconds. Awesome right?




Imagine you found a good video, add all the ranking factors, used our PointRank software and got ranked. But if people don’t like your thumbnail, they won’t be clicking on your video. And you won’t be getting any traffic.

With our in-build image editor, you can create beautiful video thumbnails in just few minutes. Boost your traffic with this little hack. Now this is amazing.

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As with most product launches this one is no different and has a sales funnel attached to it as you will see below…

Frontend – PointRank

$37 – $47

(Commercial License Included)

This is a 1st of it’s kind software. Set up a AUTOMATION Live Event for 30 Days in just 2 min and keep enjoying Free, Fast & Highly Targeted Traffic. Create multiple Automation events on multiple Youtube accounts and drive traffic to different niches, different offers of yours.

  • Create Single LIVE Events
  • Create AUTOMATION LIVE Events
  • Add Multiple YouTube Accounts
  • Find & Extract Key Ranking Factors From Top Videos
  • Upload A Pre-Recorded Video Or Find A Video To Use Legally
  • Use Multiple Videos Or A Single Video – Our Technology Makes Each Video Unique When It Goes LIVE

OTO 1 – PointRank Pro

Unlock the power of UNLIMITED Youtube Accounts & UNLIMITED Automations. Drive UNLIMITED traffic to your offers.

  • Add UNLIMITED Youtube Accounts
  • Create UNLIMITED Single Events
  • Video Revamper
  • Image/Thumbnail Editor
  • *Full HD Quality Live Stream – 1080P

OTO 2 – PointRank Social

Every time any of your video go LIVE, it takes your link and share it to different social media platforms to get more traffic and link juice.

  • Automated Traffic From Social Media
  • Unlimited Accounts In Social Media
  • Ability To Configure Data Posting Format In Social Media
  • Automatic Repost After 2-5 Days
  • Ping all the links of social media posts

OTO 3 – PointRank Reseller

Reseller Rights License so you can sell it to other online and offline marketers and make a bank. Comes with our sales material and Reseller Panel to add/remove users on your own.


BONUS: Free Marketing System

If you find that Point Rank is not for you I would like to introduce you to a free marketing system, if your struggling to make money online this dummy proof system will set you on the path to profit.

With this free system you will receive the entire marketing system for free, this really has revolutionized making easy money online today.


Many thanks for reading my Point Rank Review and Bonus.

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