Covert Commissions Review and Bonus

Covert Commissions


Covert Commissions Review and Bonus
Vendor: The IM Wealth Builders.
Product: Covert Commissions
Price: $27.00
Niche: Affiliate Marketing
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Covert Commissions – How To Make Unlimited Evergreen Commissions By Giving Away Free Stuff!

Hey there,

welcome to my Covert Commissions review.

In 2009 Soren, John and Cindy released their best selling Clickbank Pirate membership site which was a huge success and instantly became an all time Clickbank best seller, affiliates and members have been making millions of dollars using and promoting CBP and the average commission and rebilling per sale was insane with stick rates and EPC’s almost unheard of in the industry and now they’re back and ready to repeat that success and take this unique concept to new heights!

What Is Covert Commissions?

Covert Commissions is a completely done for you lead and affiliate commissions generating system, after you join the site you simply enter your JVZoo and Clickbank affiliate ID and you instantly gain access to a huge collection of ready made…

fully branded



and monetized lead capture pages.

It is mind-blowingly simple!

They have removed all of the challenges that many aspiring internet marketers have so all you need to do is focus on one task which is send traffic to the lead capture pages they give you, using the promotional tools and step by step training they provide.

They do the rest for you…

They deliver free reports and videos as pre-sells…

They follow up with the leads on your behalf, ALWAYS using your affiliate links and they’ll keep selling to your leads forever the good news is this is not limited to Internet Marketing newbies, with Clickbank Pirate lots of big name marketers used the system to open up completely hands free secondary income streams and Covert Commissions is not even limited to any particular niche of Internet Marketing, as a member you will be able to build managed lists across many of the popular IM niches such as…







and also in

Health and Fitness


Biz Op

and many many more…

Covert Commissions Is Exactly What You Want & Need!

Making money online is a frustrating exercise in futility for most people, if you are looking for a super simple money making system that you can instantly plug into then Covert Commissions by the IM Wealth Builders is for you.

Covert Commissions Is Going To Net You Huge

Commission Checks…


Covert Commissions

Get Instant Access


Is Internet Marketing Dead?

BONUS: Free Marketing System

If you find that Covert Commissions is not for you I would like to introduce you to a free marketing system, if your struggling to make money online this dummy proof system will set you on the path to profit.

As you can see above you will receive the entire marketing system for free, this really has revolutionized making easy money online today.

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